Thursday, 18 October 2007

Turning your N800 into a webcam with motion

Here's an excellent application for the rubbish camera in the N800. It's called motion, and some equally excellent chappie called konfoo announced on Internet Tablet Talk that he has compiled it for the N800. Nice work, konfoo fellah!

Once it's running, point your N800 at anything you want to monitor, and you can check out what the N800 is seeing, updated every few seconds, from Firefox or a Mozilla based browser over the Internet. That's because it has a built in web server on port 8081
It works like this "out of the box", and by the looks of things you can configure it to save photos when there's motion detected, take video and so on.

If you want to give it a go, download it here onto your computer. Then here's the method I used to get it going.

1. Open the zip file, and copy motion and motion.conf on to your external card using a USB connection.

2. Start Xterm, become root, then create a directory called motion in your home user folder:

# cd /home/user
# mkdir motion

then copy the two files you put on your external card into this new directory:

cp /media/mmc1/motio* /home/user/motion

(the * is a wildcard, and will copy both motion and motion.conf (and anything else you have in that location which starts with motio))

3. To start motion, go to the motion folder and type motion:

# cd /home/user/motion
# ./motion

4. Now open firefox or mozilla and type in the local lan address of your N800. Check out the pictures!

5. If you want to access the images over the Internet, make sure your N800 always gets the same local IP address, and make sure your router has a fixed IP address or that you have signed up with dyndns (check out the VNC post from a while back in this blog if you need to find out what all this means). Then simply forward traffic on port 8081 to your N800's LAN address.

Now leave your N800 in the living room and spy on your little brother/the babysitter/your roommates/ your wife / whatever... In fact, don't do that. Point it at yourself and let the world see you. If you're lucky you'll catch me writing this blog for a few days at Guess I am asking for my n800 to be hacked, but there we go.
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