Saturday, 25 August 2007

SIP on this - easy VoIP on your N800

In case it passed you by, there's an easy way to make standard SIP calls on your Nokia N800.

All you need to do is head for
to download Nokia's Internet Communications Software update and follow the instructions.

Once it's up and running you can load details of your existing SIP VoIP provider, and make calls to the PSTN using your N800. This is great for those people who's ISP give them free SIP minutes every month included in their Internet package, or those who already pay for a SIP based VoIP service and want to use it on their N800 as well.

OK, so it's been possible to make SIP calls from the N800 for a while now using Gizmo Project software, but lets face it, the Gizmo implementation on the N800 is rubbish. The first 10 seconds or so of every call are lost, and it all goes through Gizmo so if you are trying to do fancy stuff with SIP and Asterisk it didn't work anyway. And that interface! Oh, please!

Come to think of it, I haven't tried anything fancy yet using Nokia's SIP software, but it certainly works well for simple voice calls to the PSTN, which is good enough for me, and not bad for beta software. Now I can use my free SIP minutes on my N800, and then switch to Skype when they run out.

It's a shame that the Nokia address book is so feeble, but what the heck - free phone calls that work using the N800 can't be bad!


Anonymous said...

Excellent Blog... The N800 is a very nice tool, and a very useful laptop replacement... Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

Have you been able to use the SIP phone over openvpn? Seems that it does not use the tun device, but always the wlan0 :-(

Paul Rubens said...

Hi there. Never tried it I'm afraid. It's an itneresting question though. I'll try and give it a go and report back.

Paul Rubens said...

As afar as I can see there is a bug in 2007 which means you can't do SIP over VPN at present. Perhaps the OS 2008 will clear things up. Thanks for your comment!

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