Friday, 27 July 2007

AutoScan 1.01 on the Nokia N800

The N800 makes a great portable network security device. Here's a nice easy to use tool to add to its toolbox.

It's called AutoScan (follow the link to download and get the Nokia 770 arm binary) and, not surprisingly, it's a scanner. What's cool about it is it sports a well classy GUI, so once it's taken a good look at your network it gives you a nice graphic view of what's connected, what OSes are running, and what ports are open.

Those familiar with AutoScan on an x86 system will know that AutoScan has plenty more features up its sleeve such as the ability to run Python and Perl scripts from within the app, but many of these advanced functions tend to freeze or are inaccessible on the N800.

Still, the basic functions work well and if you have a few idle moments and are sitting around with your N800 you can do a lot worse than run a quick AutoScan for a rough and ready guide to what's connected and, perhaps, vulnerable.

It's not a complete alternative to Nmap and it has its bugs in the N800, but it's still worth taking a look at if you're interested in network security...


Alex said...

Links seems to be broken, requires authentification :(

Was there an arm.deb package? :)

Paul Rubens said...

Sorry alex. It's fixed now. Follow th download link to get to the arm.deb.

Thanks for pointing out the broken link

Anonymous said...

Will Autoscan run on OS2008? Thanks

raynman said...

I have OS2008 on the N800, and the given package does install but does not run. Some missing libs or such... hope someone fixes it!

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